tray sealer machine NPR1000

NPR1000 Automatic Tray Sealer Machine | Nadi Pack

NPR1000 is an in-line vacuum tray sealer machine. It is the perfect solution for food packaging, with affordability and durability in mind.

NPR1000 is our in-line automatic tray sealer machine, which has been created with practicality in mind. NPR1000 is the best solution for food packaging, as it employs a vacuum system, Gas injection included to create the best environment for your product.


tray sealer machine NPR1000
tray sealer machine NPR1000
tray sealer machine NPR1000
tray sealer machine NPR1000
tray sealer machine NPR1000
tray sealer machine NPR1000

The NPR1000 is an in-line, automatic food tray sealer. This machine is completely made of Stainless Steel. It has a simple to use pre-programmable control panel with automatic feeding of the trays and rewinding of the film. Simply place meal-filled trays into the molds on the conveyor and the rest of the sealing is done for you.

The machine is equipped with Vacuum and Gas function which makes it capable for MAP (modified atmosphere packaging). Also available in Seal only.

Ideal for packaging ready meals, meats, poultry, fish, sea foods and salads, cheese

Equip your production line with 8-12 cycles per minute and reduce costs with the automatic film waste collector by the end of the line.

NPR1000 has a conveyor design that fits easily within your production line and a stainless-steel body for extra durability. There is also a photocell system for print purposes and an LCD indicator for monitoring machine parameters.




Power supply

380V 50/60Hz


5.5  KW

Maximum trays dimensions

300 x 430 mm

Machine Dimensions

2750 x 1550 x 900 mm

N. weight

500 KG



- In-line conveyor design

- Vacuum pump and sensor

- 12 cycles per minute

- Stainless steel body

- Photocell for using printed film

- Automatic film waste collector

- PLC control system and LCD indicator

- An integral vacuum pump 63 m³/h is installed inside the base for MAP applications

- The same duly configured die allows for different types of packaging: seal-only, M.A.P.

- This model can achieve 6 to 8 cycles per min up to tray size and vacuum and gas flushing

- The special film waste rewinder

- PLC touch screen to monitor machine parameters

- Tool-free die changing in less than 5 minutes

- Stainless steel structure

- Photocell for centering printed film

- Tray sealer hermetically seals special plastic containers using a flexible film

- Maximum film width 480 mm

- Fully automatic

- Vacuum pump is inside the frame

- High performance mapping unit

- Work with all type of tray and flexible film

- Hygienically designed conveyor belts


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