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NPV100 is an all-in-one sealer and shrink wrap machine for high-volume conveyor-based production lines. 

NPV100 is an L-bar sealer and shrink tunnel in one streamlined and efficient package. The separate sealing and shrinking processes and the conveyor design make NPV100 a high-speed packaging solution for workstations and factories. See more details below.



Semi-automatic shrink-wrapping machine consisting of L sealer and Shrink Tunnel in a single frame is named by NPV100. The operator first inserts the product in the center-folded shrink film; sealing is done with L sealer and product is put into the shrink tunnel manually by operator and tunnel uses a conveyor to transport products through a heated area.

Shrink Wrapping Machine is used to shrink wrap a myriad of products like food items, multipacks, pharmaceutical, cosmetic books, industrial product and much more.

The L-bar sealer uses a magnetic system for better security and a ceramic sealing process for POF and PVC shrink films. You can go through 400 to 550 cycles an hour with a simple one-person process.

The seal time and shrink cycle time can be adjusted, as well as the heat temperature. You can also save up to 6 work programs in the machine.




Power supply

220V  50/60 Hz


3.5 KW

Dimension (L×W×H)

2660×730×1160 mm

N. weight

164 Kg

- All-in-one sealing and shrink-wrapping machine

- L-bar sealer with magnetic lid and ceramic sealing

- Heat tunnel with adjustable time and temperature

- Save up to 6 work programs

- Compatible with POF and PVC shrink wraps

- Electrostatic and impact-resistant finish

- For polyolefin or PVC shrink materials

- Packaging Speed: Up to approximately. 500 PPH, depending on operator speed & product configuration

- Roll Width: 500 mm

- Sealing Dimension: (580 mm) L x (430 mm) W

- Maximum product dimensions: (550 mm) L x (400 mm) W x(150 mm) H , Subject to maximum film width

- Tunnel opening (H): 150 mm

- With pin to produce small holes on the film to release air.

- Can be operated continuously for a long time without overheating ambient environment.

- Digital monitor and control the element temperature inside the tunnel

- Adjustable seal Time

- Adjustable shrink cycle Time

- Adjustable time between seal and shrink

- Easy-to-use operator controls require minimal training

- Static and anti-struck color


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